You’ve come a long way, and whatever your situation is, you’ve decided to try out at an online casino. For first timers these online mirages can seem like a fast and easy opportunity for good money. Well, however good it may look at first glance, any competent online gambler will tell you that the initial thrill of believing in yourself is bull. Rushing in is the first and most common mistake. Any experienced online gambler will point out certain tactics and tips on how to maximize your chances at winning. Nevertheless, even with these in mind, a 100% certainty of winning is both theoretically and practically non-existent.

Know your RTP

Each slot title has a specific return to player (RTP) ration that theoretically tells the player how much of his bet he will gain back. For example a game might have 97% RTP which is much better than a 91% RTP one.

This is all theoretical, so don’t put too much trust in this. Nevertheless it isn’t a bad idea to have a look at the RTP before playing for real money.

It is good to know that a higher RTP does not mean a higher chance of winning and vice versa.

Play games with Scatter or Wilds or Bonus Features

Modern players are being spoiled by the ongoing adjustments to fit as much bonus content into a video slot without rendering the game unplayable. This is a good thing, since these bonuses open possibilities to win the jackpot in colorful ways. Scatters activate Free Spins, and wilds expand, stick or replace other symbols. Bonus games, although rarely activated, open up opportunities for big credit wins.

Let’s look at it this way. Players no longer anticipate to land just on the golden pay line. Bonuses add another facet worth spinning for.

However, the addition of such features does not in any way increase your chances of winning.

Know how the betting works and how much to bet

This is crucial. Adjust yourself to the betting system of each game, since every provider has a slightly different twist on how wagering works. The basics are choosing a coin size and a bet level, and which paylines to play on, if such an option is available. Pay attention to your balance and credits as they increase or decrease according to your preferences. You can adjust them in such a way that with just two or three spins your entire deposit can be gone.

This leads us to the second point. Contemplate your spendings with the following in mind: the chances are against you. So bear in mind your household income and additional revenues before making one-way gambles.

Practice makes perfect

This golden rule applies to any activity not just online gambling. It would be irrational if a first time poker player started playing in tournaments. For this reason, and other similar ones, most games have a play for free option. Before launching the game click on the play for free to experience the full game with free credit that does not convert to any currency.

Please take advantage of this and learn how the game operates and feels before betting any real money.

The only game category where this rule does not apply is slots. Still, it wouldn’t kill you to try out the slot for free to familiarize yourself with the bonuses and general feel.

Look out for promos

Casinos pride themselves on promotional bonuses, and use them to draw players in. But how do you retain these players, or spark the interest of those that demand diversity? By offering daily, weekly or monthly promotions that get constantly updated. Originality is also a factor. Online casinos that are creative in their promotions and mailers tend to retain more players, as well as captivate new ones.

So before your register check out the promotions page and scroll through all the bonuses offered for members.

Look for reviews and positive feedback

The internet is full with feedback on every online casino there is, so don’t be afraid to plunge in and browse through the reviews. There you will find information from gamers and critics alike about every online casino and game, so if you have any doubts the power of internet anonymity has got you covered.

Bear in mind that some, if not many, criticisms are either fake or financially backed to provide a positive feedback.

Don’t be impulsive

The tendency to act without proper thought is common amongst people who have discovered a new passion or hobby. For online gambling, and gambling in general, this can be the biggest rookie mistake one can make. Don’t go on first gear. First study the terrain, get to know the basics, and then step forward. Impulsive behavior can lead to negative outcomes that will leave you empty handed.

Know your strengths and weaknesses

It’s important to be honest with yourself, and fully acknowledge your weak and strong sides. If you’re good at poker, stake on poker games. Be smart with your choices, apply what you already know, and always be open to learning new things. Don’t feel embarrassed if you don’t know something. It’s never too late to learn, and most importantly, profit from your newly acquired ability.