Casinos and representations of casinos in the widespread media have fashioned some stereotypical type of slot machine players that seem to be in abundance at every major casino, online or land based. These slot machine players can each be viewed as a different type of animal in the jungle that is the gambling industry; on the surface they appear normal, sons and daughters of modernization, but look deep enough and you will begin to distinguish peculiar behavioral oddities that group players into specific collectives. Here are the most common (and uncommon) types of slot machine players.

  1. The one that feels it

He’s the one that bursts in the casino, the odor of determination can be sensed all around him as he struts around the floor, like a wolf picking his next partner. The odd thing is that this player does not need to pick a specific slot machine. Instead he feels the moment, as the uncharted territories of the casino slowly become his own due to his sheer assurance. He is reminiscent of the cool drunk dude entering his favorite disco where all his peers in his eyes are below him, subjects of his future misdeeds.

In due time his feelings compact and his feet come at a full stop. He is now in THAT STATE where the possibilities are endless (in his mind). He rushes to his closest available slot machine to commence the duel between luck and perseverance

  1. The one that believes.

Your friends have tried, pulled you away from the slot machine and screamed at you with zero results. They threatened your friendship, even warned you that they would expose you to your wife. This is mere noise to you, as it enters the left ear and exits the right, or vice versa. No! You are zealously certain that the next spin will make it rain.  “One more spin!” you exclaim to those that try to steal your fortune away, yet the truth is that you are the only one to hear it.

  1. The one you should be, but probably aren’t

You are probably married, have a gym membership which you actually use on a regular basis, not to mention a business at you finger tips with ideas to expand. People can smell your amazing perfume, you clothes are magically smooth and smell fantastic, your shoes make a pleasant noise each time they hit the ground. It was the lack of any impulsive and irrational decision making that has led you to the point where you can sit behind the slot machine and not worry about wining or loosing. You are simply trying out your luck, and what’s more important is that you can easily leave.

  1. The so called “pro”

Congratulations, you are a pro gambler. You are alarmingly familiar with the slot machine. You know which one pays best (RTP ratio), which one has the most tempting bonus, and which waitress pours in an extra shot of whisky for you. Your knowledge extends so much that you can easily recommend a slot machine to someone depending on their mood. You are also loaded with cash. Not rich, but loaded. The subtle difference makes you a prime target audience when a new slot machine comes out; mind you not as player but as a reviewer. On top of that you know your way around a casino. You are not confined to the slot machine, proving all the wannabes and haters wrong once you outsmart them in poker.

  1. The Lucky one

God or no God, there is a certain ambiguous force or energy that governs us all. And for yet another impossible reason it has decided to bless your first slot machine game with what we can only define as “luck”. You pull, spin and win. Don’t let this go in your head. This mysterious energy feeds on the expectations of its victims and once you bite, and you will, there goes your “luck” out the door. This usually occurs after the 10 minute mark. After that you are just one of the millions whose luck comes and goes as it pleases.

  1. The Unlucky One

It doesn’t matter what you are or how you feel, or what you have come to expect or otherwise. Certain moments in life have proven so disastrous for you that you approach each slot machine with the utmost suspicion. And for a reason. As soon as you spin nothing happens. The next ten times the machine swallows you launch money. Then your taxi allowance, then your gas money, and so on… Luck isn’t on your side pal…