The one armed bandit is undoubtedly the most popular casino game genre. Its horizon seems as bright as the eyes of each anticipating player who just pulled the handle. Online slots are equally popular and are, arguably, played even more than their physical counterparts due to the internet ubiquitous nature. Listed are the reasons for which the online slot rules the virtual gambling landscape.

Slots are Easy to Learn

The learning curve for players unfamiliar with the rules of card games, or other casino games aside for slots, can be steep and quite time consuming.

The main reason for the popularity of online slots is that they require close to no knowledge in order to play them. Most of all, a player can be sitting for the first time behind the reels and easily win the jackpot. With a simple click a player can instantly acquire a significant reward. In short, online slots don not require a strategy.

Also let us not forget the pay table which specifically points out winning combinations, rules and other elements.


Online slot games are the only gambling games that have the unlimited freedom to create their own unique bonuses and features.

A bonus feature is additional content that is rewarded to the player. This happens when he lands on a specific reel icon(s), when he plays for a longer duration of time, or sometimes at random. Once this occurs, the gamer is granted with a variety of extras that boost his game and winnings for a limited time span.

The most popular variety is the free pins and mini – game.  Free spins are just what they sound like. The mini game is where most developers get creative in delivering a lucrative possibility for the patient ones. This can take the shape of a simple pick – one – of – three type of deal, or something arcade-ier like shooting down targets.

Nowadays most new online slots feature the above mentioned features. What is great is that each individual game’s extra divers, sometimes substantially, from others in terms of style, rewards and depth.

Risk free

With online slots your worries of spending too much on a, let’s be frank, risky investment should not detract you from playing. Whereas, let’s say, in poker the buy in amount alone can drive away some players from continuing, the video slot entry fee is entirely null. There is however a required minimum deposit, but this shouldn’t agitate players. Becasue without a relevant deposit one cannot spin for real money in the first place.

Furthermore, bet levels and coins sizes are adjustable. Some allow for the player to choose the active number of paylines, and how much to bet on each payline.

Overall online slots allow for much greater freedom with your money than other games.

Fun themes

One can compare the variety of online slots with the rich assortment of species in, say, the marine world. Really they are that many, with each possessing a unique theme. Each and every title has a unique accompanying musical track. Developers fully adapt the entire interface to the given setting, with new game releasing each and every day.

The themes range from a simple representation of an actual casino to the utmost ridiculous and preposterous ideas. Nevertheless, no matter how goofy or absurd one might be, they all seem to work, and have a dedicated following.

Play anywhere, anytime

We already mentioned the ease with which slots are played. Complementing this advantage is the fact that the same games can be played at any instance, in any situation. This is possible because online casinos are available on most portable devices.

No matter where you are or what you are currently occupied with, slots can be turned secretly or openly. Adding to this is the easily overlooked “Auto Play” option setting your spins on automatic mode. This way you can spin on your phone without even interacting with the device.

Having to play poker or blackjack on your phone would require your full attention, which has the potential of putting you in unwanted situations. Mobile slots completely terminate this risk.