It’s easy for us mortals to dream, but when our fantasies do come knocking on our doors we are left unprepared for what’s about to follow. Luck, however, does not ask but only delivers, sometimes good news and at times bad. In the case of the following people, the news is extraordinarily sublime. Here are the top slot winners to rule them all

A blessing from the old gods.

Starting off our countdown is Georgios from Greece who won himself the hefty sum of €6.3 million ($8.6 million). Georgios, a self-proclaimed slot jockey, was in the middle of his ordinary day. He was preoccupied with work and mundane activities when lady Luck decided to bless him with her green dust. The, then 36 year old business man once again tested his luck at the Mega Moolah slot game from Microgaming.

At that point Mega Moolah had been one of Microgaming’s best and fan favorite video slots game, played by hundreds of thousands, as it is to this day.

What followed changed his life; he hit the biggest jackpot of both his life and in the existence of Microgaming’s longevity, making him one of the biggest slot winners ever. The Greek gods were by his side some might say, while humble Georgios had only this to add: ‘’Do not lose hope; it’s a small moment that could change your life". And hope he did not lose, or will he ever.


Yet another reminder that mobile gambling is the way of the future. On the day of August 28, 2016 a woman achieved what many only dream of. She hit the biggest progressive online jackpot ever to be won on a mobile device, an iPad to be precise, making her a unique entry to our slot winners entry. The shock stricken woman almost didn’t believe when on her small screen the following popped up: “Congratulations! You are the new jackpot winner of €7.9 million” ($8.82 million). And all that money won on a single deposit of €1!

For obvious reasons, the woman, known only by her initials D.P, did not want to disclose her location, age or name. We can only speculate that her smile has never left her countenance.

Those Norwegian nights…

Usually when one has trouble falling asleep, visions of his future tired self start to emerge. In such cases it is wise to force these thoughts out of your head and fall back into sleep. Boy, how glad was our next slot winners entry that he did not do that. During a sleepless night back on September 24th 2011 a Norwegian player, whose name was never revealed, decided to doze off with the help of online slots. Spinning the reels of the popular Mega Fortune slot game by NetEnt, our Norwegian protagonist was unknowingly having his last sleepless night of his life. In a few minutes the unbelievable sum of €11,736,375 was in front of him; his to behold and claim. Truly a mighty gift from the gods!

A platinum medal, a golden collar

A British working man is our follow-up entry. This story is straight from a movie or a great novel; it’s an endearing and fulfilling tale.

Jonathan Heywood, then a British soldier, had just made an account into an online casino and immediately started spinning on Mega Moolah which had earlier caught his eye. Little did he expect that he would land on the biggest slot winners list. This was late at night, John was at home; his attention focused on a WW2 documentary, which meant that playing slots was a secondary activity. Wagering with a limited budget of 0.25p on each spin, John hoped for a decent win to call it a day. Next thing you know he had won £13,213,838.68.

After the unbelievable had happened, Heywood went public and was asked about his plans with the money. To which the Britton replied “The first thing I will spend it on is the best possible medical treatment for my dad. That's more important than anything. Family comes first and I'd give all this money back for him to be healthy again.” A winner indeed.

The win was certified by none other than Guinness World Records as the “largest jackpot pay-out in an online slot machine game” in October 2015.

Blessed be he who is lucky

The adequately named Mega Fortune slot is responsible for the next and last winner on our list. On the 20th January, a Finnish man placed a 25 cent bet. He was rational to remain anonymous. The spinning began, after which the bonus game was activated giving any player the chance to reach the unthinkable jackpot. By some miracle the bonus game kept going, closing the distance between the mystery man and the enormous sum, until the line between dreams and reality shattered. He had just won €17,860,868.

At the Ready

What was written should by all means inspire you. However, this should not strafe you from the truth that these winners were lucky. Their winnings did not depend on a specific time or way of playing. Nor was it a system error or an algorithm miscalculation that made their lives greener.

There are, nevertheless, two factors that have given them a push towards these enormous jackpots:

1. All players took advantage of casino bonuses that multiplied their initial deposits. Given the fact that most wins were made on €0.25 to €1 bets, expanding your deposit would give increase the number of spins you can make. Be sure to visit only adequate and rewarding casinos for this opportunity. We have listed the best casino bonuses right here, so you won’t have to search the endless inadequate sources.

2. You need to be on the lookout for those slots that award the lucky players with appropriate jackpots. Not all online slots have progressives or high jackpots, so when you start playing it’s good to get acquainted with how the jackpot works on a specific video slot.