Currently, almost every online casino offers free bonuses and spins to new players. But technically speaking, these perks are not as free as they sound to be. They come with specific terms and conditions, also known as wagering requirements, attached and you need to be fully aware of the same before you decide to invest in it. And if you are looking to wager free spins, we are here to help you understand the nitty-gritty of it and how to deal with the same.

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What is the wagering requirement and where to wager free spins?

A wagering requirement is part of the term and conditions of an online casino, which a player must satisfy before he/she can make a cash withdrawal from the receivable bonus. The requirements vary for different casinos, and you must understand these thoroughly before signing up. For example, a wagering requirement of 10x implies that you need to wager your first deposited money 10 times before you would be able to withdraw any proceeds.

As already mentioned above, Wagering requirements are not only limited to bonuses but also apply to free spins as well. For instance, if there is a wagering requirement of 20x and you got 20 free spins, and when you end up winning $30 from those spins, you will be required to win at least $600 (20 x 30) before you could withdraw the winning amount.

Given the above scenario, the whole situation can seem tricky and unfair. But it is not that complicated as it appears. And if you are wondering how to wager free spins and how do they work, read the following content, which will give you some deep understanding of the subject.

As the name suggests, wager free spins exactly stand for its literal meaning, where you don't have to wager for free spins. These are free spins that got no wagering requirements attached to the offer. So if you get a win using your free spins, you can instantly withdraw that money. Players usually also don't have to put a deposit for enjoying the benefit of this offer. And if you are confused how and what should be done, just sit tight and follow the given steps.

Steps entailed:

  1. The first step would be to find the right casino that meets your needs. We can find numerous online casinos offering ludicrous benefits and bonuses upon signup. Firstly, make sure that the online casino you choose to play is legitimate and registered with a legitimate gaming authority. It should comply with all rules and regulations, should be trustworthy and have a high level of security to protect the personal details of its members.
  2. If you come across an online casino that provides wager free spins to its members, make sure to read the terms and conditions carefully. There shouldn’t be any hidden clauses that should prevent you from cashing out your winnings later. All the casinos have their terms and conditions displayed on their website to adhere to gaming authority's rules. All you have to do is read them thoroughly.  You can find out the wagering requirement and how does it work. Comprehend it carefully.
  3. The next step would be to sign up for the website. Some casinos might ask for some proof of identification before they register your account. Make sure to keep some ID proof in handy such as your driving license or your passport. Next, open your casino account and start playing.
  4. If there is no choice to wager free spins and you ought to comply with the wagering requirement, you always have the option to let go of your bonus completely. But we wouldn’t advise that because even with wagering requirements, it has the potential to increase your winnings to twice or thrice the original amount.
  5. Once you have received your wager free spins, you should use them precisely in the same way as instructed by the online casino. Failure to do so can lead to grave consequences such as your winning amount may get forfeited. In a few cases, you could also face a life ban on playing again on the casino.
  6. If you want to check the amount you have left to wager or the number of free spins in your account, the process is very simple. Go to your account and click on the tab active spins and bonuses. It will instantly provide you with all the required information.

People play online casinos for different reasons. Some sign up for pure fun while others participate for monetary gains. If you belong to the latter category, we understand that you don't want any conditions limiting the way you deposit or withdraw the money. That's where wager free spins come into play.

If you are sick of not being able to withdraw the winning money immediately or want to get rid of the complex wagering requirements, then we would advise you to find a casino that offers wager free spins. While such casinos are mushrooming daily due to their popularity, you might have a tough time for the selection. We hope you win big and win smart.

A word of caution:

Indeed, casino gambling offers lots of fun.  But players get addicted to it for two reasons, one for monetary gains and other for the imbibed zest to win the casino.  When you are playing for financial benefits, play with your own money, which has not earmarked for any other purposes. Play with money what is affordable for you. Whether you are playing on a wager free spin casino or not, a casino may always bring you some loss along with profit.  The best practice of playing a casino with or without wager free spins is setting a limit on time and money.  Never change your set limit, how seductive is the situation.