Design and Gameplay

This time Betsoft sends us all the way back to pre-historic times with 2 Million B.C., where man first learned how to gamble, among other things. Prepare you modern mind for the wilderness and dangers of times when fire and shelter were just being discovered.

The design is interesting in such a way that it is symbolic of man’s primal needs. For example the fire acting like a Bet Max button perfectly illustrates the ambiguity of the element and the button's function. The simple but effective interface, again, is reminiscent of times long past. The opening animation is longer than most we’ve seen and is entertaining enough to be re-watched more than once. It also introduces the goofiness of the whole game, as well as slightly hinting at the bonus features. The sound effects, like the music, are primitive to our modern sensibilities, but fit well into the theme. The music is very primitive in the way that it sounds primitive which in this case fits very well with the general feel of the game.

The classic 5 reel - 30 payline structure is back and does not disappoint. The payline betting is adjustable, as is the number of lines that you want to play with. All the symbols are of course based on the Stone Age and each one gradually has a higher value. The symbols are as follows: the ruby, the vase, the cave painting of a mammoth and the stone necklace pay the least. Followed by the wooden club, the wheel, and the Stonehenge miniature that pay considerably well. The highest valued symbols are the bee, the tiger and the woman.


The game may looks sort of shallow but it surely isn’t, as it present the player with a good number of bonus features. The most significant being the Free Spins, during which the game turns to night which is really cool and adds some style. The caveman even sits next to the fire and roasts a piece of meat, then falls asleep till the next day. To get to the Free Spins section you have to get the Fire Scatter symbol three or more times. During Free Spins mode you can get even more free spins.

Collect three or more acorn symbols to activate one of two mini games for your chance to win big. During this one the player is helping the caveman shoot down the saber tooth tiger for instant credit.

Arguable the best bonus feature is the Diamond Bonus Award. Land on three or more diamond winning combinations and start the second mini game. In it you strive to help the caveman by choosing a means to steal the diamond from the saber tooth cat.


With an abundance in bonus features, smartly themed and surprisingly funny, it is easy to overlook 2 Million B.C's outdated visuals. Easier, still, is to just head over and play this great video slot title.