The Design and Gameplay

Embark on a quest through the ancient Greek steppes with your army of 300 shielded men, each ready to face whatever comes at him. Out of the bushes it jumps to face you and your legion, only to be something that you have never expected to face. It’s an online slots game by the name of 300 Shields provided by SG Digital, out of all things. Overall it is a solid experience, but just like the army of 300 Spartans a traitor lies in the midst. He takes the form of a bonus feature that has decided to abandon the game.

However, simple is not always bad and 300 Shields proves this point. Following a straight and disciplined 3 x 5 grid structure, its 25 paylines are adjustable so you can decide the structure of your army. The symbolism is well crafted, from the finest stone in all of Sparta, so as to spin and never wear out.

The terrain of Greece during the ancient times is well captured by the humble imagery. On the left are the wheat lands, seemingly stretching on forever. To the right is a set of stairs that lead to a temple. These small drawings are enough to transport the player, even for a bit, in the land of the Spartans. If that’s not enough, spin the reels and hear the intensity of the drums that serve as accompanying sound effects.


After many a day of travelling and preparing, the enemy steps into view. Normal spins won’t do. The only salvation is to land on three or more shield Scatter symbols and activate Free Games. To get 5 Free Games land on three shields. Doubled are all Warrior winnings. If you won the battle but still need to win the war takes advantage of the Wild Symbol, which is represented by the Warrior. Warriors multiply wins up to 300x in the Battle Feature Free Games.


Rest up, gather your strength and sharpen your swords! The battle may be won but the war is far from over. Nevertheless, the big win awaits patiently behind an army of enemy soldiers. With the help of your 300 shielded men at arms, and a bit of luck, win the jackpot and claim power over the lands. Now set forth to a journey that might change the course of your history.