Design and Gameplay

Due to the large number of video slot games out there it is always a pleasure to play a more uncharacteristic one. Who else to provide such an experience that Betsoft? At this point we can expect anything from them, and we mean this in the best way possible. Birds is another new take on the slot reel formula. There are no reels but birds, and every time the Spin button is pushed they fly off and are replaced by a new heard. The idea is neat and very appealing, and is achieved with some great graphics and physics.

The 3 x 5 matrix is accompanied by a chain reaction type payline system. With each spin 15 birds land on the wires. Any combo of 3 or more grants you credit. Winning combinations can be made only by horizontal or vertical landings. A winning combo will trigger the herd to fly off, and to be replaced by another flock.

Birds has those modern Betsoft graphics that we have learned to cherish so much. The color pellet is impressive and the animation style is reminiscent to the works of Pixar. The birds land on a wire in the middle of a park. In the background are some buildings that seem to be taken straight from New York. It seems that this city has very charismatic birds, as seen by the distinct style of birds. Each one has a quality that sets it apart from the other. Furthermore, the individual animations on each bird as well as the physics on the wire as the birds fly off or land are above industry standard. The sound of water flowing, the chippering of birds plus the small catchy tune played each time you spin add to one entertaining sound design.


The only significant bonus feature is the Free Flights which acts similarly to a Free Spins bonus. With the only difference being that there is no scatter symbol. Instead each winning combo, or flight as it’s called here, fills a portion of the bar on the left side of the game. When the meter reaches four or more times, Free Flights are granted. Five flights allow for 12 Free Rounds, and six flights activate 20 Free Flights.

The Double Up feature give the player a chance to double his winnings over a coin toss.


With a very attractive layout, superb graphics and sound design Birds is one video slot title that you shouldn’t miss. We are aware of the lack of bonus game, but just look at those cuties! Don’t you just want to play with them? We sure do!