Design and Gameplay

Wazdan is starting to leave a very significant impression on us. All games by them have been nothing but sublime online gambling experiences that engulf you into their small world. They achieve this with by setting great atmosphere for players to jump into, but also with excellent gameplay mechanics that glue it all together. Enter Black Hawk Deluxe.

The latest addition to their growing repertoire is Black Hawk Deluxe, a dark and gothic slot game like nothing we’ve seen before. Skeletons blindly walking into a Dracula-like castle, while red flashes of light illuminates the cloudy sky. Mist crawls through the foreground cloaking an ancient cemetery. Scroll up and marvel at the main castle, stranded on a lonely cliff surrounded by ravens, the full moon in the background reminding us that we are still on earth… We are talking about a 3D slot game after all, less you have forgotten.

Even the musical accompaniment sucks you in with its gloom. Creepy as it may be it still completes the puzzle that is Black Hawk Deluxe.

Aside from that Black Hawk Deluxe uses a simple 3 x 4 reel structure that all should be familiar with, with 54 paylines, guaranteeing you a win know and then. The letters on the symbols are twisted as though crafted by the Count himself, while pictured icons are detailed and perfectly fit the overall aesthetic. As any Wazdan game the speed and volatility meters are all there.


The only significant bonus feature in Black Hawk Deluxe is the Wild symbols. The wild symbols substitutes for any other symbol.

The game offers players a lot of choices as to how to wager their money. For one, you can gamble your winning and either double them or lose them. Also, players are given the opportunity to credit (claim) their win without next spin.

On top there are the aforementioned speed and volatility meters that can either increase your chances of winning the huge prize at the price of less frequent small wins, or be rewarded more often with smaller sums but be out of reach of the big win.


Immerse yourself in a dark and moody world that will embrace you with its atmosphere and not let you go until you have won a hefty sum of gold. Never mind the lack of bonus features; this whole game is like a bonus feature. A detailed world such as this one is a rare treat for us. Simply put, Black Hawk Deluxe should be experienced by every player. It is near perfect in every aspect.