Design and Gameplay

Enter the casino after a hard work’s week and blow off some steam at your favorite slot machine. As you traverse through the corridors, you can feel the ecstatic anticipation of hundreds like you who wait upon with anticipation the result of each and every spin. However you don’t just sit on any random machine. Your lucky one is way in the center of all the commotion. Somehow the energy seems to be positive there. As you take a sit behind your slot generator you feel right. This is your place. This is your Cash Machine.

Fugaso endeavors to give us a first hand on experience of what it actually feels like to be sitting behind a slot machine and pulling the lever. The irony of this is that it tries to deliver this experience through an online slot game. Nevertheless, it does achieve a certain feeling. It captures well the puling of the lever and the spinning design of the slots. Even the background music is well adjusted to fit the theme. It has a jazzy tone that is perfect for the casino setting. All we need now is a martini and we’re flying.

Another element of immersion is the background that seems to have been taken straight from your nearest casino. The developers didn’t even try to clear out the images. They seems blurry and are not a pretty sight.

There is not much left to say. It is a genuine manifestation of an actual slot machine. All symbols and design techniques are there. The classic Lemon, Cherry, BAR, lucky Seven and Big Win are all present.  Set you bet level, chose the paylines, and all there is left to do is to spin and hope to win.


It is not difficult to figure out why Cash Machine is a popular game amongst online gamblers. It recreates the feel of actually sitting in a casino, and isn’t that a feeling that we, risk takers, strive for?

Honestly we had a really good time spinning. Playing something different but classic in all ways, for a change, made us realize just how far slot gambling has come. The fact that we reminisce of the good old days shows where we are. However we must not forget the machine that started it all. Paying tribute to the original slots is a gamble in on itself, because many have tried and have failed. Cash Machine succeeds.