Design and Gameplay

Don your heavy armor ornamented with dragon scales, reinforced with ancient metals forged by the gods themselves. Take your great sword studded with runes and sharpened to perfection, ready to slay whatever comes at you. Enter a land of mystical dragons, old magic and over the top fantasy elements. Enter  Fire and Steel. It might be a bit over-the-top, but it’s awesome.

Fire and Steel sounds like the number one single from a power metal band. Aesthetically the Fire and Steel video slot game achieves the visuals that this type of music awakens in people. Betsoft is behind this 3-4-5-4-3 reels video slot game. With 20 fixed paylines, Fire and Steel does a pretty good job of sharpening your appetite for dragon blood, as well as for gambling. Icons are worthy of the title, and reward you often times with great prizes.

Visually the game is stunning, like an illustration from a high fantasy book, another apparent source of inspiration. The two champions on each side are riddled with fantastic details, from belt buckles to individual adornments on separate armor pieces. Anyone who has ever played a role playing game should recognize the over the top nature of the entire design. Overlooking the two warriors is a slightly blurred fantasy world, where two frightening dragons rest atop the slot table. We can go on all day and come up with a lore and history of this fantasy world. However for the purposes of this review let us pass to the bonuses.


Both swordsman and shield maiden have a wild symbol counterpart that when activated turn other symbols wild too. The swordsman releases a magical beam vertically, either above or below his icon. All symbols affected by the beam are turned to Wilds. The same goes for the shield maiden with the only difference being that her beam affects the icons horizontally.

War of the Wilds happens when beams from the swordsman and shield maiden collide. The collision activates 10 Free Spins, and the icon on which they intersect is will turn to wild and be stuck in that position for the duration of the Free Spins. Free Spins can be retriggered, which will result in 10 more spins and another sticky wild.


Fire and Steel will knock your socks off with its level of epic. Enter a world of fantasy and constant fighting with the chance of claiming some of the treasures for yourself. This is the closest you’ll get to getting rich from an actual fantasy world. Draw your sword and advance!