Design and Gameplay

By now we are so used to being constantly surprised by Betsoft and their ever expanding and impressive oeuvre of games. This time Betsoft has calmed things down, and is bringing us a more simple game, that, yet, somehow feels fresh and unique. Fruit Zen is a callback to classic casino games, with a twist taking the shape of a serene setting.

Following the classic fruit inspiration for a theme, the design is clearly that of Betsoft. We guessed it even before the logo of the company popped up. The 3 x 5 structure is back, alongside with 10 paylines. All symbols are classically inspired by fruit.

No wonder the game is called Fruit Zen. A certain air of tranquility surrounds it. Even with the fruits that have nothing to do with meditation, the game feels calming and relax you even while you await the next spin results with anticipation. Each fruit is shiny in that specific Betsoft slick way that only they can pull off. The distant sunset enveloping the water with sun rays is mesmerizing.  Hypnotic are also the sea effects, and how surreal the water moves. The only lackluster element is the music. The bass is rather odd, and overall it lacks the desired effect it wishes to convey.


Fruit Zen’s only bonus is an odd choice, but who are we to judge. There might be only one bonus but it occurs often enough to satisfy. The Wild symbol that appears on reels two through four expands to fill the complete reel. Once triggered it will activate an additional re-spin. If during the re-spin other wilds appear more re-spins will be awarded.


Fruit Zen has that Betsoft zaaz that we all know and cherish by now. Yes it does lack bonus features, but something tells us that this will not stop seasoned players from completely indulging in it. What’s more is that Fruit Zen sports a relaxing theme which might appeal to those who just came back from work or had a rough day.