Design and Gameplay

Giovanni's Gems by Betsoft captivated us immediately. Everything about this video slot game is enchanting and soothing, as well as captivating and very enjoyable.

Enter the dark and very old forest in search of old ruins that hold the treasure of long gone elven kings and queens. In fact it’s so dark that he always carries a lit torch with him. As the forest grown dimmer by the minute, Giovanni can feel he’s getting close. Finally his efforts pay off, as a glowing video slot game stands before him. Just look at how happy and excited he is.

There are no reels or paylines. Rather, wins are made when five or more symbols create a cluster. Once the cluster explodes, others drop down to replace them. A continuous winning streak is possible. This structure is always welcomed to the somewhat overused reel layout.

Aesthetically the game looks fascinating. The forest seems like something out of a fantasy novel, drawn in a cartoonish and friendly style. Giovanni looks like a rendition of Robin Hood or an elven archer, depending which lore you prefer. The icons are rendered beautifully and remind us of video games inventory items. Musically, Betsoft hits every note with perfection and deepens the experience with a delicate soundtrack that calms the nerves.


Furthermore, Giovanni's Gems features some great boosters that are perfect for the structure of the game, and leave nothing more to be desired.

5 Giovanni symbols, or more, activate Free Spins. How many icons you land on determines the amount of free spins you get. The maximum one can acquire is 50. These symbols also pay a cash reward depending on how many you stumble upon, with a max win of 1500. So, for example, land on seven Giovanni symbols and receive 11 Free Spins plus a reward of 100. Check the paytable for all sums.

Next is Giovanni’s Diamonds. Coal symbols are turned to diamonds if they are adjacent to a win. Get a maximum of 15 000 coins in a single spin, just from the coals. Again the paytable displays all the winning amounts.

A double up feature allows you to gamble your winnings. Either double them or lose everything on a simple card guessing game.

As mentioned before, Giovanni's Gems doesn’t need more bonuses to be as gripping as it is.


We will be playing Giovanni's Gems for a long time to come. Not only is it immersive design wise, but the cluster structure and the constant winning combinations make for one compelling experience that few others can match.