Design and Gameplay

The traditions of Mexican folklore transcend spaces and have ended up in the most unexpected place ever: as a 3D slot game; a dine one at that. Wazdan may not be the most famous producer of online casino games but with Los Muertos they hit the spot. Delivering a masterful experience is no easy task, but Los Muertos achieves in every way, and not only does is it able to live up to the modern standards but it also able to improve and innovate some aspects.

Los Muertos is a spooky but also calming slot title. Its music is an odd mix of fun mariachi style guitars mixed with haunting sounds of wind and ghost echoes. Yet somehow it fits. Graphically Los Muertos is impressive. Animations are king here; everything moves as blown by the current, while our two main figures sway next to the reels awaiting for the next big win.

The classic reel structure of 4 x 5 returns here. We only wished that the icons were more inventive. The skull symbols are, however, expertly finely detailed and drawn.

Where Los Muertos mixes thing up is in the two small clickable objects down the right corner. The candle accelerates or slows down the velocity with which the reels spin. The small symbol with the undead lady is the volatility adjuster. Low volatility wins you more often but rewards you with smaller prizes, while with high volatility enabled you can get wins less frequently but are have the chance to score the jackpot.  The medium setting is a mix of both high and low.


Los Muertos comes with the standard wild and scatter symbols. Giant symbols replace 4 or more normal symbols, and pay according to the paytable. The giant wild also replaces a number of normal icons  but appears during free spins mode only. Wild symbol substation pays the highest possible reward on a bet line according to the paytable.

The giant bonus symbol appears in the main game or during Free Spins . If a part of it or all of it appears on the reels in turns into Bonus Slot. The bonus slot replaces the spaces where the giant bonus symbol took. These slots reward you with extra bonus. For more information, check out the paytable.

Three, four or five scatters anywhere on the reels activate 10 Free Spins. During the Free Spins a bonus symbol Is selected randomly and can expand on the whole reel, paying for its position.


Los Muertos is a near perfect slots experience. Utilizing what we have come to know and love, Los Muertos adds additional content that is very welcome. To conclude, this video slot title should not be missed by anyone who considers him or herself a slot player. Go ahead and give it a try!