Design and Gameplay

King Arthur has gathered his council. Rulers, knights and oculists arriving from lands familiar and unfamiliar have joined the King in his council. As they sit around the stone table, Arthur notices one guest missing. He wouldn’t be bothered as much if this guest was not the most important recipient. Merlin is nowhere to be seen. The highly important meeting cannot go without Arthur’s councilor, who is busy with Merlin's Millions.

Meanwhile Merlin has been busy with something unusual for him. His latest project has taken him to unexplored territories. The wizard has been building an online video slots casino with the renowned NextGen gaming providers.

The aptly titled Merlin's Millions is a 50 fixed paylines, 4 x 5 reels matrix game, that is abundant in both design elements and bonus content. Merlin’s hard work has paid off.

The game takes place at the wizard’s hidden cave. This cave is huge. There are crystals coming from the ceiling, bridges connecting different sections, and even what seems like mist further establishing the sheer size of this cave.

Graphically Merlin's Millions is nothing special, however there are some details that fill in the gaps. The wizard himself is constantly breathing, and performs actions during spins and when wins are achieved. All the low paying icons are fitted with googly eyes and seem quirky.  Musically the game comes with a fitting tune and sound effects.


It is only fitting that Merlin's Millions comes with superb bonus content. He is a wizard after all.

Superbet is a bar on the right side of the game. It allows you to wager additionally and boost your winning according to what level you choose. This action is accompanied by Merlin casting a spell from his staff. Check the paytable for more details on this lucrative opportunity.

The first scatter symbol – the orb – grants you Free Games. Land on three and get awarded with 5 Free Games. The Orb appears only on reels two, three and four. During the Free Games Merlin will stand next to the reels and will magically convert symbols on the reels to Wild.

The main attraction of Merlin's Millions is the Owl Bonus. It is awarded when you land on three Owl scatters on reels one, three and five. The bonus game consists of choosing from the Owls shown and winning prizes. Once “COLLECT” is revealed the feature ends.  The Owl Bonus can also be triggered during the Free Games.


Merlin won’t be joining the council anytime soon. He is too busy with rewarding players with prizes. Merlin's Millions’ bonus content and theme, with some impressive details, will keep you entertained for a long time. Be sure to check it out. We strongly recommend it.