Design and Gameplay

Underneath Moirai Blaze’ psychedelic cover lies a very compelling slot game. We say slot but it’s really not. Icons drop down from above and clusters explode on impact, and then get replaced by more icons until no more clusters are available. Wins are made when 5 or more icons are adjasently connected to each other. This type of slot is nothing new to us nor is it to you, but where Moirai Blaze shines is in the bizarre mix between the otherworldly theme and the drop down reel structure… It’s one of the most unique ones we’ve seen by far. As always this is something to be proud, and surely Iron Dog Studios are.

Now let’s talk about the theme. Moirai Blaze looks like it came out of the sickest psychedelic trance party ever, so crazy in fact that actual aliens attended it. The music has a more ambient feel to it, science fiction almost. It combines well with the feeling of Moirai Blaze. Even the name Moirai Blaze sparks up images of intergalactic space operas and alien creatures. Truly, one of a kind aesthetic for a slot game.

All playing options have been greatly simplified. For this reason the HUD is minimal giving the awe inspiring background more room to impress.


Starting off is the Wild Symbol which counts as all non-wild/ non-feature symbols.

Replacer symbols work in two possible ways. It either replaces all diagonal symbols that are in its cross-like vicinity or it replaces all symbols of one type with another.

Exploder symbols work in one of two ways. It destroys all symbols in a cross and diagonal shape, or it obliterates all symbols of a random type, leaving, always, a Wild in its place.

If a total of 100 or more symbols are destroyed the player receives 15 Free Spins.  The Ganesha Fireball symbol is limited to only free spins and awards players with a Free Respin and increase the multiplier.


If you’re even slightly impressionable by all things science fiction then Moirai Blaze should definitely be your next destination to slot nirvana. This game embodies the spirituality of certain alternative cultures, and turns it into a highly entertaining online slot game. The background is mesmerizing, with the planets in close proximity and the vegetation of the current planet reminding us of the flora straight out of something like Rick and Morty.