Design and Gameplay

By the time Parrots Rock came out, it was pretty obvious that parrots were rebels, as conveyed by their colorful and wacky feathers and haircuts. But who knew they were rock stars! Parrots Rock is the first slots title that reveals the secret lives of these exotic birds, and has since then made them into a phenomenal 3D Spinomenal slots game. Parrots Rock furthers this rebellion by using an uncommon structure for its reels, something that we have seen before but that was used only by daring games.

Spinning the reels will deliver you a bunch of common symbols plus some very humorous ones that ties the game together. The 3 x 4 x 4 x 4 x 3 structure is unique and will intrigue players much more than the very familiar ones we are used to. To win one must land on one of 30 paylines that can be noted in the help section.

Thematically the game pretty much relies on rock star clichés, such as the audience in the background, the leather jackets and Mohawk hair style. The coloring relies mainly on silverfish blue with a dash of azure. In tone is also the accompanying music or tune; it is extremely reminiscent of 70’s classic rock, and it proudly uses probably the biggest cliché of all- the cowbell.


The first of many features is the Stacked Wilds. While the reels are spinning these wilds might appear on reels 1 and 5, increasing your chances of winning.

The Bonus Symbols appear on the reel. One or more of these, once you land on them, will grant you a fast win.

Wild symbols substitutes for all symbols except for the “bonus” and “free spins”. The more you land on the higher the payout will be.

Get the free spins symbol on the 1st and 5th reel to activate the free spins. Once this happens you will be given 10 free spins that will be automatically used. During the feature be on the lookout for the Prize Box Feature which will either reward you with a multiplier or an extra free spin.


Parrots Rock is rock solid. No matter if you’re into rock music or not this game will reward you with every spin with its many bonuses that are designed to complete each other. Players will have a great time, since Parrots Rock is very lucrative. And where else can you say that you have played a game in which parrots are rock stars? Nowhere. Dig you claws into this one.