Design and Gameplay

Here we are, yet again, with another ancient Egypt inspired video slot game. Pharaoh Fortune is very vaguely influenced by the whole ancient Egypt trope. We are certain that it doesn’t take itself seriously. From the opening image of a sunglasses wearing pharaoh, to the main game that lacks variety, it is evident that Pharaoh Fortune is a hit or miss type of gamble.

This IGT powered game retains the classic 3 x 5 matrix, with 15 paylines and the Free Spins option. All the icons are somewhat lackluster in quality, or make a humoristic jest at the expense of the once great empire. This however, never was an actual nuisance and it didn’t stop us from playing.

As mentioned, the theme and graphics are nothing special. The Egyptian theme is so overused by now that game companies can afford to overlook what are otherwise important aspects of a modern video slots title. The music is also passable. However players with a sense of humor might get a chuckle or two out of it.


Probably the most impressive element of the entire game is the Free Spins option. Land on three of the green pharaoh icons to trigger the feature, and win up to 25 Free Spins with up to 6x multiplier. Surprisingly during the Free Spins option all the blocks change imagery. On top of that the music changes from the original. When the feature finishes the gamer is taken to a second screen where Egyptians dance and all the winnings are seen across the scene.


In conclusion Pharaoh Fortune is not the most complex and riddled with bonus options game. With visuals that some might deem outdated Pharaoh Fortune is simply not trendy anymore within this industry. However that should not stop anyone from playing it.