Design and Gameplay

The imagination of video slot game providers sure is anything but limited. Today we are talking about a rather unique and extremely fun title, called Reactoonz by Play’n Go. In it the reels are replaced by falling little alien critters that are as cute as they are good at winning you instant prized and bonuses. The main inspiration is a spoof of quantum physics and is achieved in a very efficient way. You won’t need that hard to get a physics diploma to play this game and enjoy its fantastic features.

The graphics are polidhed, almost reminding us of modern cartoons with polished, almost shining, animations.  Reactoonz has also some cool little details that make the package even more worth it.

The design is smooth and very friendly, not to mention it makes you smile at those little alien like creatures. Utilizing a 7 x 7 matrix, the game uses a “Cluster Pays’’ system where the reels don’t turn, but rather fall on each other. If a symbol, or little monster, touches another symbol of the same kind vertically or horizontally next to it, you win. Note that you need at least five matching aliens to get a cluster. Four matching adjacent symbols that form a square are transformed into a Giantoon. Wins are then doubled if the Giantoon wins anything.


One thing is abundantly clear. The features of this game are some of the most impressive and most rewarding we’ve seen, even if the game does no come with Free Spins. They are as follows.

The first one is the Gargantoon bonus. The Gargantoon is the big alien on the right that sometimes nods off or sends kisses to you. There is a chance, on any non-winning ‘spin’, for the alien to drop 4 to 8 wild symbols.

The main feature is the Quantum Leap. The bars on the right, on top of the Gargantoon monster, charge up when clusters are formed. After winning on twenty five symbols, a random Quantum Feature will be activated. Up to 4 can be queued, after which the Gargantoon feature will activate. The Gargantoon feature appears as wild and substitutes for all symbols. It divides and moves with each cascade.

The 4 Quantum features are: implosion, incision, demolition, alteration. Implosion transform up to 6 symbols into wilds, while also destroying adjacent ones. The incision cuts a wild symbol into the center, and creates two intersecting diagonal lines through the matrix. Alteration choses one random one-eyed symbol and all symbols matching that symbol turn into another symbol. The Demolition destroys all matching and one-eyed symbols.


Reactoonz is highly praised by us because it comes with some original and effective gameplay decisions worthy of a diploma. We recommend it, as it brings to the table more than you would expect.