Design and Gameplay

Journey deep into the jungle in search of legendary treasures left by ancient civilizations. Through the thick of the foliage , tired, thirsty and hungry you emerge only to witness that your perils have not been for naught. In front of you a casino by the name of Rook's Revenge waits those who wish to play and win. The main character is Rook. He is the leader of this place, probably the only person left, and that’s why he’s so happy to keep you company. The chubby Aztec descendant is cheering you on your wins and is very well animated. We almost forgot to mention his one of a kind crown which he put on just for you.

Inspired heavily by the long gone but never forgotten Aztec civilization, this very popular Betsoft game has a gripping style and gameplay. It also boasts some funny animations and a catchy tune to make your feet tap while you enjoy the game.

The layout and design go hand in hand with the gameplay. The brown Aztec block stone, the green Aztec stone, and the yellow Aztec face stone have the lowest value of any symbol. The highest valued stones are the orange, blue, red and pink stones.

Rook's Revenge block don’t spin but fall onto the reels from above, almost like fallen idols, onto a 5x3 reels matrix with additional 25 paylines.


The main feature of Rook's Revenge is the free spins that the player can get. It’s no Eldorado but it can still lead you to some pretty impressive prizes. The Free Spins feature is activated by landing on the gold Aztec mask with earing and flowers. Land on three golden masks to make a combination on any payline and you’ll get rewarded with free spins. The golden mask stone appears only on the first, second and third reel. Additional free spins can be achieved if you land on more than three golden mask symbols.

The other main feature of Rook's Revenge is the Exploding Symbol Multiplier. Land on the special yellow and orange special mask and watch it as it explodes, and get a main game multiplier and a Free Spins mode multiplier. The wind multiplier symbol then appears at the right corner of the game screen, meaning it changes with every explosion. On the first explosion the main game multiplier is 1x while the Free Spins mode Multiplier is 3x. On the second boom the main game multiplier is 2x and the Free Spins Multiplier is 6x .  The third explosion brings the main game multiplier to 3x ,the Free Spins mode Multiplier is 9x . And on the fourth and last explosion the main game multiplier is 4x while the Free Spins mode Multiplier is 15x.


Rook is always happy to greet new gamblers and take them on an awesome adventure through the jungle. Why not keep his company, while he helps you reach hidden treasure valleys.