Design and Gameplay

Do you have a sweet tooth that you can’t seem to get rid of? Say no more, for Sugar Pop 2 is here to fulfill all of your cravings. Sugar Pop 2 is a fun and sugary video slot game that uses a colorful theme straight from a kid’s cartoon. The mix of different colors and shapes, the wackiness of it all, the music, and the friendly interface will attract players from all sorts of corners.

This Betsoft provided game utilizes a 7x7 grid, and is a great reminder that sequels fix upon their predecessor’s flaws. All you need to do to start playing is to set your bet range, and your bet amount. Setting your bet range is to choose a coin size that ranges from 0.1 to 1. The coin size basically acts as a multiplier to your bet amount. The bet amount ranges from 50 to 250. Chose from Spins and Bet Max, and let the good times roll. Note that Bet Max sets the highest bet possible and spins the reels automatically. The double up feature will commence the Gamble feature. Clicking on autoplay rolls the reels automatically for those hard working players. The double play option lets you gamble on your winnings. Choose a side of the coin and either double your winning or lose the current round’s winnings.

In order to win you have to land 4 candies of the same shape and color in a cluster, keeping in mind that each candy has a different multiplier. The “sweeter” the candy, the higher the winnings. Getting 5 or more symbols in a cluster will activate the Candy Wild feature. Getting more than 5 winning clusters in a single spin will bring about a Candy Bomb that explodes when no more wins are available. The explosion shatters nearby candy symbols and awards you with more fantastic prizes.


During you playtime you will receive Surprise Eggs containing a piece of Special Candy that has been acquired through leveling up. This Special Candy will attract other candies of the same nature from the current spin and will award you with significant rewards.

Leveling up is a simple matter of coming across a Level Up Star, granting you not only a boost on you level meter but also additional prizes.

But wait! There’s more! Free Spins can also be awarded to anyone who gets 4 or more Free Spins symbols in a cluster. Any additional Free Spins candy will grant the player an extra 2 free spins.


Who doesn’t like the sweet sensation of candy? Experience now an even sweeter feeling with Sugar Pop 2, where the taste gets better with each sugary sweet you pop.