Design and Gameplay

USSR Grocery is ambiguous to say the least. Don’t get us wrong, it’s a fantastic slot game with many opportunities for winning. However, the lines get blurry when you realize that this game is unintentionally poking fun at the USSR era; a tragic age in world history during which a significant portion of the world population suffered. Some people might be put off by this notion, however if you’re one with a black sense of humor, this game might be perfect for you.

USSR Grocery follows all guidelines on providing a great, fun and lucrative slot experience. It’s all there: fun graphics, quirky music design, great gameplay and super bonuses. There are neat little details that fill this small grocery store. The most obvious one is the shopkeeper lady that, once you flip the switch, start smirking and enjoying the misery.


The main feature of USSR Grocery is the ability to switch the game mode from base mode to deficit mode. The difference between both gameplay modes is that in deficit the number of reels is decreased to just three. There are no paylines and wild symbols. To win land on one to three matching symbols. Switching between these two mods not only drastically changes the gameplay but it also alters the look of the game.

Wild symbols as represented by the grocery bags substitute for all symbols except the Scatter. The wild symbol does not appear on the 1st reel and during free spins the symbols becomes an expanding wild.

To get 10 Free Spins in the base mode you must land on three or more scatter book symbols. With the free spins comes a double multiplier.

In the deficit gameplay mode Scatters, or the KGB pass, activate 15 Free Spins and a 3c multiplier.


The times of the socialists is long past its glory days, if you can call them that, but people still seem to try to recreate them in numerous forms and mediums. USSR Grocery is one such attempt, however it is clearly a joke and is not meant to be taken seriously. The game offers what any other video slot game should: great gameplay, unique twists, and thematically appropriate content that immerses the player.

USSR Grocery is pretty awesome. If you can hold back your sensibilities and see the game as just an art from and as entertainment we guarantee that you will have a blast. Now go and buy yourself some milk before the inflation begins!